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Three students receive the Alexander Lippisch Scholarship

Dr. Ping He, Gage Harris, Harsha Sista, Dr. Hui Hu

Three students have been named recipients of the Alexander Lippisch Scholarship, a prestigious honor from the Department of Aerospace Engineering.Sarasija Sudjarsan and her nominating professor Dr. Anupam Sharma

Sarasija Sudharsan, Harsha Sista and Gage Harris have been named recipients. This scholarship is awarded to graduate students displaying academic excellence and research productivity in pursuit of an advanced aerospace engineering degree (M.S. and Ph.D.).

Sudharsan was nominated by her professor, Dr. Anupam Sharma. Sudharsan is studying for her Ph.D. in aerospace engineering. She has published two journals, two conference papers and has assisted with two successful federal grant proposals. Dr. Sharma says, “In my ten years as a professor, I have not come across a graduate student with this level of capability, skill and dedication.”

Dr. Ping He, Gage Harris, Harsha Sista, Dr. Hui HuSista was nominated by his professor, Dr. Hui Hu, who says “Harsha is an exceptional student with strong ’hands-on‘ skills in developing and applying advanced flow diagnostic techniques for aerodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer studies.” Sista has published five research papers and four journals/AIAA technical papers while maintaining above a 3.8/4.0 GPA over the past four semesters.

Harris was nominated by his major professor, Dr. Ping He. Throughout Harris’ time as a Cyclone, he has received the ISU Academic Recognition Award, J.C and L.A. Duke Scholarship and a pending NSF research fellowship. Harris caught the attention of NASA with his research and continues to work with NASA researchers. “I have no doubt that he will be successful in his Ph.D. study and future career,” said Dr. He.

The scholarship honors Alexander Lippisch, a German aeronautical engineer who pioneered aerodynamics and contributed to the tail-less aircraft, delta wings and ground effect technology. Lippisch worked for Collins Radio Company from 1950-1964, now known as Collins Aerospace, and established Lippisch Research Corporation in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1965.