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Five CCEE Alums Receive Awards at ICEA Conference

Every year, the Iowa County Engineers Association conducts a conference where engineers in the state can receive awards for their achievements.

In the December 2021 conference, four Iowa State University Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering alums received awards. The awardees were Wade Weiss, 1990 CCEE graduate, Brian Ridenour, 1987 CCEE graduate, Mark Nahra, 1984 CCEE graduate and Todde Folkerts, 1991 CCEE graduate. Lyle Brehm, a 1995 CCEE graduate, was also recognized at this conference for the 2020 Outstanding County Engineering Achievement award.

In 2021, Weiss was the recipient of the Outstanding County Engineering Achievement award. Ridenour and Keith Knapp, a member of the ISU Institute for Transportation, received the Special Service award, Nahra was recognized as a past president and Folkerts was recognized for 25 years of service.

Along with the many alums that received awards, several ISU students received scholarships at the conference, as well. The ISU CCEE students that received a scholarship were Jack Garber, Michael Richards, Mitchell Ginther, Benjamin Simodynes, Mitchell Hayes, Ellie Marovets, Andrew Carter, Jacob Wempen, Marissa Recker, Jacob Gilreath, Lucas McCarty, Hannah Cary, Kayla Ragaller and Lauren Blair.

Along with the awards, the conference is also a chance to learn more about the transportation industry – providing information on design processes, construction and operation of the transportation systems in the state.