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Shane appointed chair of Transportation Research Board committee

Jennifer Shane has been named chair of the Transportation Research Board Standing Committee on Construction Management (AFH10). Shane is an associate professor in the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering and is the director of the Construction Management and Technology Program at the Institute for Transportation.

“Becoming chair is a great opportunity to work with industry and academic partners from across the nation, and really around the world, to identify emerging trends and challenges for exploration through conference events and possible future research topics,” Shane said. 

Shane’s experience includes creating guides on nighttime construction activities, project management and delivery for the National Cooperative Highway Research Program and the Second Strategic Highway Research Program. 

She has collaborated with and worked on projects with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). One project involved cost estimation process improvement and organizational integration, which resulted in a cost estimation and cost management technical reference manual. This was followed by work on risk-based engineers estimate practices and identification of issues for implementing the construction manager/general contractor (CM/GC) process on MnDOT projects. 

For the Iowa Department of Transportation, Shane is working on projects related to providing services for disadvantaged business enterprises, rapid bridge deck joint repair, and information sharing workflow. She has also been engaged in research regarding work zone safety and risk.