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IE students attend Cirque Mechanics performance

A group of industrial engineering students attended the Cirque Mechanics performance hosted by the Iowa State Center earlier this month.

Macie VanNurden, a freshman in IE, was among those in attendance. She won a signed playbill from the performance, entitled 42FT: A Menagerie of Mechanical Marvels.

“It was astounding to see the incredible talent from each and every performer,” said VanNurden. “Just when you thought they had reached the limit of what is physically possible, they did something even more unpredictable. I have always had a strong appreciation for the arts and was impressed by their performance’s connection to mechanics.”

Other IEs to attend the event include: Carlyn Hill, Elizabeth Cavanah, Elli Hergott, Emily Robinson, Cole Finnegan, Jenna Sell, Lance Bormann, Carley Haus and Anna Tuecke.