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Iowa State engineering research highlighted in Physics Today

Biswas Kim Physics Today SliderThe work of three Iowa State University faculty members from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECpE) and the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (CCEE) was highlighted in the May 2018 issue of Physics Today. The article, titled, “A Nanovolcano Array,” appears in the “BACK SCATTER” section of the magazine, which is the last full page of the publication.

A nanovolcano array
Iowa State research is highlighted in the May 2018 issue of Physics Today. Click to expand for full article.

ECpE and Physics Adjunct Professor Rana Biswas and ECpE Associate Professor Jaeyoun Kim joined efforts with CCEE’s Assistant Professor In Ho Cho, along with ECpE graduate student and lead author Qiang Li and 2017 ECpE graduate Akshit Peer, in the research funded in part by the National Science FoundationTheir work previously was featured in the “Editors’ Highlights” section of the April issue of Nature Communications, an open access journal that publishes high quality research from all areas of the natural sciences.

The group’s published paper is entitled, “Replica molding-based nanopatterning of tribocharge on elastomer with application to electrohydrodynamic nanolithography,” and examines tribocharging, or the buildup of charge on surfaces after they are rubbed together, commonly known as static electricity.

For more information on the research, read the original story here.