Iowa State Design-Build Institute of America student team takes fourth place in national competition

ISU DBIA's student competition team gathers for a photo at the top of The Rocky Steps in Philadelphia. <i> Photo courtesy Trent Cork. </i>
ISU DBIA’s student competition team gathers for a photo at the top of The Rocky Steps in Philadelphia. Photo courtesy Trent Cork.

Collaboration is key for new segment of construction engineering industry

Members of the Iowa State University Design-Build Institute of America (ISU DBIA) student competition team took fourth place during this month’s 2017 DBIA National Student Competition. Competition events were hosted at the annual Design-Build Conference and Expo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

To qualify for national competition, the team placed first place in the Midwest region. In total, teams from nine different regions competed at the national competition. First place went to Washington State University.

“Design-build is the future of the industry,” said Trent Cork, president of ISU DBIA “It’s where a lot of companies and a lot of owners are headed … Design-build is going to be the future because it increases the collaboration between the different fields in the industry.”

Cork says that collaboration is one of the best parts of ISU DBIA. He and his fellow members work with both engineering and architectural majors on the team’s competition request for proposal (RFQ).

Jennifer Shane is a professor of construction engineering in the civil, construction and environmental engineering department and the adviser of the ISU DBIA student competition team.

“Construction engineering, civil engineering, architects, business partners, finance institutions, owners, developers and lawyers are all represented in the DBIA membership,” Shane said. “This broad membership base represents the ever-changing industry that our students will be entering. By participating in the competition, students get a great understanding of the integrated industry environment and the competition that they will face to get projects once they enter the industry.”

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