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PrISUm in Australia: Sean Collins

Team PrISUm member Sean Collins

This is part of a 15-part series featuring students from Team PrISUm who are competing in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia. For updates throughout the race follow PrISUm on Facebook and Twitter.

Name: Sean Collins

Hometown: Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Year: Junior

Major: Aerospace Engineering

What did you choose to attend Iowa State?

I decided to go to Iowa State because of the Aerospace Engineering program and the amazing campus.

Career aspirations: After being exposed to the amazing things we do in solar car, I’m now less sure of what I want to do; but excited for what the future holds.

Advice for aspiring engineering students: Find something that excites you and challenges you and run with it.

Role on Team PrISUm: Aerodynamics Manager

What are you looking forward to most about Australia?

Seeing the stars at night with no lights from cities.

2 thoughts on “PrISUm in Australia: Sean Collins

  1. So proud of our son, Sean, and very Thankful for the amazing colleg he goes to, ISU and this Solar car club and team. Seeing him grow and get excited about his passion for design, problem solving and building something that will make a big difference in the world is exciting to us as his parents too. Go Team PrISUm

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