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PrISUm in Australia: Elliot Suiter

This is part of a 15-part series featuring students from Team PrISUm who are competing in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia. For updates throughout the race follow PrISUm on Facebook and Twitter.

Name:  Elliot Suiter

Hometown:  Johnston, Iowa

Year: Junior

Major:  Mechanical Engineering

What did you choose to attend Iowa State?

I love the campus, and Iowa State has a great engineering program. It was simply a good fit.

Career aspirations: I would love to work with advanced technologies – I have particular interest in the automotive industry.

Advice for aspiring engineering students: Join a club, and figure out what interests you most (or least) about your chosen major early on.

Role on Team PrISUm: Hatch project lead. I also work with media, and am managing cooking on the Australia trip.

What are you looking forward to most about Australia?

I am looking forward meeting a kangaroo in the Outback.