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CySLI competes in NASA’s Student Launch

Huntsville, AL –  Iowa State’s Student Launch Initiative team, CySLI, was in Hunstville, AL Saturday for NASA’s Student Launch Initiative. Forty universities competed, launching rockets to as close to one mile above ground level as possible. CySLI is part of the Department of Aerospace Engineering’s Make to Innovate program.

At the competition, CySLI took home hardware for the second-consecutive year, winning the Best Looking Rocket Award. The team’s launch reached 4,485 ft., coming within 795 ft. of the one mile marker.

CySLI’s rocket, Cardinal Heavy, used the roll induction and counter roll payload. With this design, the system is capable of controlling a launch vehicle’s roll post motor burnout. After two rotations, it induced a counter rolling moment to halt all rolling motion for the duration of the ascent.

Click the video below to watch the pre-launch interview and to see the team’s launch.

CySLI NASA Student Launch Initiative from Iowa State Aerospace Engineering on Vimeo.