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College of Engineering enrollment reaches 9,645

The information below originally appeared in a story written by Annette Hacker with University News Service.

Iowa State’s enrollment continues to flourish. The university’s official fall 2016 enrollment of 36,660 is the largest in school history, an increase of nearly 1.9 percent (659) over the previous record of 36,001 in fall 2015.

In the last decade, overall enrollment at Iowa State has grown by 11,198 students, or 44 percent. The student body represents every Iowa county, every U.S. state and 125 countries.

This fall, the College of Engineering has an enrollment of 9,645 total students, surpassing last year’s record enrollment of 9,312.

Undergraduate enrollment in the college is 8,296, up from 7,949 last year, and graduate enrollment is 1,349. Engineering continues to be the largest college on campus.