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Aerospace engineering professor selected as ASME Fellow

Hui Hu recognized nationally for outstanding engineering achievements

Hui Hu
Hui Hu

With a technical background in experimental aerodynamics, fluid dynamics and heat transfer, Hui Hu, professor of aerospace engineering, has applied his knowledge across the fields of wind energy, aircraft icing and anti-icing/de-icing technology, thermal management of gas turbines, unsteady aerodynamics and microfluidics. Hu’s lasting contributions to the engineering industry have earned him several honors over the years, including most recently being named ASME Fellow.

Fellows of ASME serve as a resource for technical professionals and create solutions that benefit humankind. It is an honor for which only a small percentage of the more than 130,000 ASME members are selected.

“Dr. Hu is a recognized leader in the fluids engineering community and truly deserves an ASME Fellow designation because of his contributions to new flow diagnostic capabilities, fluids education and fluids service activities,” said Ted Heindel, ASME Fellow and Iowa State’s Bergles Professor of Thermal Science.

Hu has been at Iowa State since 2004 and serves as director of the Advanced Flow Diagnostics and Experimental Aerodynamics Laboratory. His research focuses on experimental aerodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer with emphasis on developing and applying advanced flow diagnostic techniques to study various complex thermal/fluids phenomena.

He has been published in many mediums, including 5 book chapters, 75 journal papers, 70 invited seminars and 150 conference papers. He also serves as AIAA Associate Fellow and has been a member of ASME for 12 years. As a member of these organizations, Hu has organized and participated in service activities, conferences and committees, including as the chair of the ASME Fluid Measurement and Instrument Technical Committee.

Hu has also received several prestigious awards, including an NSF CAREER Award in 2007, a 2007 Best Paper in Fluid Mechanics Award of IOP Publishing, a 2009 AIAA Best Paper Award in Applied Aerodynamics, 2012 Mid-Career Achievement in Research Award of Iowa State University, 2013 AIAA Best Paper Award in Ground Testing Technology, and 2014 Renewable Energy Impact Award of Iowa Energy Center.

Hu will be announced as an ASME Fellow in the November 2015 issue of Mechanical Engineering Magazine.