Demolition nears for ISU’s Davidson Hall

When Iowa State University classes resume in January, one long-standing campus building will be in the process of demolition.

Davidson Hall, built in 1922 and located on the northwest side of campus just east of the Armory, was emptied this summer as faculty and staff moved to the Biorenewables Complex — the new Sukup and Elings Halls. The space will become a temporary parking lot.

The almost 93-year-old building was built as a bigger and better home for the agricultural engineering department, and has served as its home throughout its nine decades. However, the department, now agricultural and biosystems engineering, has long since outgrown the two-story building.

Most of the 44,000-square-foot building has been recycled.

This article was written by the Ames Tribune.

One thought on “Demolition nears for ISU’s Davidson Hall

  1. I remember taking welding and small gas engines in Davidson back in the 70s. There were no lockers for women, so the secretaries let me use a little cupboard in their staff restroom to keep my clothes.

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