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Boeing’s Chris Chadwick: ‘We are synonymous with manned space. If that market develops, we’ll be there’

It has been a difficult week for the space industry, but the boss of one of the world’s largest military contractors, BDSS, believes the company has a big part to play in manned spacecraft.

Chris Chadwick, who is a Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering alumnus, likes to talk about capability. Indeed, he uses the word some 13 times in half an hour. But then, as the boss of Boeing’s defence arm, he perhaps needs to.

Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDSS) – to give the business he has led since last December its full name – accounts for 40-45pc of the US aviation conglomerate’s revenue stream, a business that spans the globe.

Chadwick is in London on a whistle-stop tour – when we meet he has been awake since 4am, and in the country for less than 24 hours – to set the agenda for the company’s continued growth in the UK, having arrived from Poland where he discussed possible sales. The UK is a key cog in his division’s giant wheel, a cog which he sees as a “sustainable business”.

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