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Delta Tau Delta receives national honor

Traditional values have landed an ISU fraternity a top-ranking slot among the country’s greek community.

The Delta Tau Delta chapter of Iowa State has received 22 Hugh Shields Awards, ranking the fraternity highest in the country for the chapter.

Truth, courage, faith and power are the pillars that make up the Gamma Pi chapter of Delta Tau Delta, the oldest fraternity at Iowa State.

“We try to give back to the community when we can and when we get recognized for that, we do really appreciate it,” said Corey Anderson, president of Delta Tau Delta and senior in mechanical engineering. “It spurs on more commitment and dedication to some [of] our causes.”

Hugh Shields Awards are presented to the top 10 chapters in the nation. Rankings are determined by the chapter’s academics, general finance standings, recruitment, philanthropy and membership education. The education includes professional development and leadership training. Other than the four core values, Delta Tau Delta also lives by its motto: Brotherhood sustains us.

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