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ELO offers new online certification prep program

The Engineering-LAS Online Learning program is now offering a course for anyone interested in pursuing Methods-Time Measurement Universal Analyzing System (MTM-UAS) certification.

The training course discusses construction principles, time elements and simultaneous motions, and methods improvements of MTM-UAS.

Those interested in industrial engineering or who have a need to develop optimal work measurement standards and methods in a patch production environment can take the course to prepare for the certification exam.

Once the course is completed, students can take the MTM-UAS Certification Proctored Exam, which is sent to a proctor, to receive the BlueCard certification in MTM-UAS.

There are seven units in the course, with lecture videos and short quizzes. The course must be completed in 60 days, but students may complete each module at their own pace, and the approximate time to complete everything is 30 to 40 hours.

Students must earn a satisfactory grade in two review quizzes to be eligible to take the certification exam. Although it is offered by ELO for Iowa State students, the certification is issued by the MTM Association for Standards and Research.

Dirk Rauglas, who earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Illinois and an advanced certificate in business management from the University of Chicago, is the head instructor for the course. Students will be assigned to five other instructors who will grade coursework and be available for help.

Rauglas has been the executive director of the MTM Association since 1990 and has published numerous articles and spoken at various nationally sponsored industrial engineering and management training events throughout the world.

Click here for more information, a free preview and course registration.