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Students ‘get real engineering experience’ through tractor pull club

The Cyclone Powers Pullers club has given Jason Herbers a lot of experience for his future career in agricultural engineering.

Herbers, senior in agricultural engineering, is currently preparing his team and quarter-scale tractor pull prototype for the national competition May 29 in Peoria, Ill.

“This is a way to further develop engineering students and give them practical experience for their careers and for the future,” Herbers said.

The team has very high hopes for the prototype, Herbers said. Even more so, Herbers has big ambitions for his career. His accomplishments with the Cyclone Power Pullers Club has helped land him his third internship with John Deere.

Sean Conrad, lead structures engineer for the team, said that the contribution Herber has made to the team was extremely valuable regarding the success of the prototype.

“I think it is a great opportunity for kids to get real engineering experience,” Conrad said. “The opportunity to work with a team, hold a responsibility, practice engineering principles and network with companies is a priceless experience that will prove beneficial when going into industry.”

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