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Mechanical Engineering students share research at undergraduate symposium

Several mechanical engineering students were among the undergraduates that presented their research at the Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression in April. The event served as an opportunity for students to share their work with peers, mentors and the rest of the university community. The mechanical engineering students that presented were:

  • Alex Avendano – “Measuring Fracture Toughness of Agar Gel”
  • Nigel Lee and Hsiang Sing Naik – “Graph Based Automated Analysis for Plant Root Phenotyping
  • Hsiang Sing Naik and Nigel Lee – “Automated Phenotyping of Corn”
  • Ryan Everly and Esdras Murillo (Electrical Engineering) – “Energy Efficient Dehumidification by Solar Driven Desiccant Systems
  • Brenda KlutzkeKellen O’Brien (Materials Science Engineering) and Zane Pennock (Civil Engineering) – “Plastic Recycling in Ghana”
  • Jianqiu Huang – “Biomass Fast Pyrolysis”

Catherine Meis is a senior in materials engineering, and worked with two ME faculty members on her research. Reza Montazami and Nastaran Hashemi, both assistant professors of mechanical engineering, are Meis’ research mentors and co-authors with Meis on her paper, titled “Investigation of Spray-Coated Silver-Microparticle Electrodes for Ionic Electroactive Polymer Actuators,” which was published in the Journal of Applied Physics.

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