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IE student elected vice president of GSB

Mike Hoefer, a junior in industrial engineering from Cedar Rapids, Iowa has been elected vice president of Iowa State’s Government of the Student Body for 2014-2015.

As vice president, Hoefer will manage the internal affairs and projects of GSB. He will chair the senate meetings and work closely with cabinet members to ensure completion of key projects and initiatives.

Hillary Kletscher, a junior in biological systems engineering, was elected president of GSB with Hoefer. Their platform included improving the availability of tutoring and supplemental instruction programs, increasing availability of parking on campus on nights and weekends, improving campus sustainability through more recycling options and green projects and creating a student to student online exchange site.

“I’m currently working with a team of Computer Engineering students to create an online student to student marketplace that will allow students to buy, sell, and trade goods like textbooks, furniture, clothing, subleases, and more,” Hoefer said.

Hoefer and Kletscher received 69 percent of the vote in the election and will be inaugurated on April 7.

“In the coming year I plan on continuing to work on projects that improve student life,” Hoefer said. “We want students to be involved in all of our projects, and really help shape the way GSB completes projects.”

Hoefer worked as an industrial engineering co-op for Rockwell Collins in Decorah, Iowa last spring and summer. He also served as an undergraduate research assistant in the Adaptive Cognitive Systems Lab building a modular flight simulator with Dr. Michael Dorneich. He is currently an ambassador for the IMSE department and serves as the Director of Student Affairs on the Government of the Student Body. This summer Hoefer will perform research abroad at RWTH Aachen University in Germany.

“I chose to study industrial engineering because industrial engineers look at the big picture,” Hoefer said.  “I enjoy technical problem solving, as well as working with people. Industrial engineering allowed me to combine both of these interests.”

Hoefer plans to complete the concurrent B.S. and M.S.  in Industrial Engineering at Iowa State, and then pursue a Ph.D.  His long term goal is to become an engineering professor with teaching, research, and consulting opportunities.