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Chemical engineering student conducts Army ROTC water combat training

The following is summarized from a Feb. 20, 2014, Iowa State Daily story, “Making a splash: Army ROTC cadets build confidence.”

On Feb. 19, chemical engineering freshman Kristine McCunn and about 119 other ISU Army ROTC cadets jumped into the Beyer Hall pool for the bi-annual Combat Water Survival Training Lab. Cadets rotated through five stations to prove their ability in the water.

Anthony Stoll, officer in charge and senior cadet, said, “The whole focus around this lab is to test our confidence and our ability to handle ourselves within a stressful situation.”

Senior cadets facilitate the lab while all the underclassmen cadets participate.

The lab consists of a swim diagnostic test, which has two stations — a 10-minute continuous swim, as well as a 5-minute water tread.

Access the entire story here. The story also includes a video.