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One3 Design Looks to Future with New Name

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa – After months of preparation, one local small business founded by Tom Boe, mechanical engineering alumnus from Iowa State University, recently made a rather big renovation. On November 1st, 2013 Surfacing Solutions, Inc. officially changed its name to One3 Design, Inc.

After celebrating nearly 15 years in business, the Cedar Falls industrial park inhabitant knew last spring they needed to make a change.

“We were getting calls asking if we could pave driveways, redo countertops, you name it,” said Boe, president of One3 Design, Inc. “That’s when I began to realize people no longer understood what Surfacing Solutions was about.

During its inception in 1998, Surfacing Solutions’ focus was to provide high quality 3D CAD designs. The following 15 years were filled with growth and in 2005 a prototype build support facility was added. Response to the facility was extremely positive, resulting in significant expansions again in 2008, 2012 and 2013. As client demand increased, so did One3 Design’s level of expertise. One3 Design now focuses on three core specialties: 1) Product Design and Development 2) Prototype Build Support and 3) Tooling and Fixture Design and Fabrication.

After much deliberation, Boe was finally able to identify a name that fit these modern specialties as well as his own personal goals.

“One3 Design sort of encompasses it all,” said Boe. “Our specialties, our core values, our broader goals…it just seemed right.”  “Thirteen is also my lucky number,” he added.

Boe feels that the name change will better represent the company and help propel the One3 Design team forward.

“We decided it was time that our company name reflected our modern business’ level of expertise,” stated Boe. “We aim to provide an elite service and it was time our name showed that. It’s never an easy process but we made the right choice.”

On November 13th, 2013 One3 Design held an open house for their industrial park neighbors and business partners to celebrate 15 years of operation, showcase their specialties and introduce the new name.

One3 Design, Inc. is a complete product development firm located in Cedar Falls, Iowa that strives to fulfill its mission of expertise, honesty, and quality. One3 Design offers triple expertise in the design of high quality PTC Creo models, prototype build support and tooling and fixture, design and fabrication. A 15,000 square foot facility houses both their design services and assembly shop. Visit or contact for more information.