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Brunnier Art Museum hosts art, pottery exhibit and ‘adoption’

The Brunnier Art Museum is displaying an exhibition that hits home for Iowa State’s history, titled “Iowa Collage Pottery”.The exhibition displays pottery that was created between 1920 and 1930 in the Ceramic Engineering Department, which is now a part of the materials science and engineering department.

It all began when Paul Cox became head of the department in the 1920s. Cox came from Newcomb College in New Orleans where he was the technical director of Newcomb Pottery. In 1926 Cox brought in Mary Yancey, also from Newcomb, to be an instructor in the ceramic engineering department.

Yancey and Cox worked together to create new glazes, experiment with kilns and firing techniques, and provide students with hands-on instruction. The two of them have work that can be found in the ceramics and engineering department, as well as part of other private collections.

Adopting a painting helps it stay preserved, and a plaque will be placed next to the adopted painting that has the title of the painting, artist of the painting, year and restoration provided by. Adopters may also receive a tax deductible.

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