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France : Airbus and Global Engineering Deans Council hand out the first award for diversity in engineering education

Airbus, the leading aircraft manufacturer, and the Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC), the leading international organization for engineering education, have selected Ana Lazarin from Wichita State University (WSU), USA for the inaugural GEDC Airbus Diversity Award.

Sarah Rajala, Dean of Engineering at Iowa State University and GEDC Chair, added the strong demand for engineers globally means that industry must attract and secure an increasingly diverse talent pool. We hope that more educators will be inspired to take up the challenge as Ana has done, to ensure that engineering graduates reflect the society in which we live, work and teach.

The award was created by Airbus and the GEDC to recognise individuals who have been proactive in encouraging students of all profiles and backgrounds (regardless of gender, social backgrounds, nationality, culture or disability) to study and succeed in engineering. The long term objective is to ensure that the engineering industry reflects the diversity of the communities it supports, with diversity recognised as a driver for innovation which is essential for future growth.

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