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New masters program in engineering management now available

A new online degree program, Master of Engineering in Engineering Management, is now available through Engineering-LAS Online Learning.

Increasingly, employers seek engineers who can work and lead in a multi-disciplinary environment, and who are able to solve both technical and business problems by applying a systems approach.

The ISU Master of Engineering in Engineering Management Program provides the skills necessary to meet the challenges of complex engineered systems.

The degree is designed to support the working professional and is open to all engineers who have two years of work experience. Professionals in other technology fields, such as computer science, physics and math are also eligible although there may be some prerequisites.

“Most of the students attracted to this program are working professionals who are moving into management positions in a technology driven enterprise,” said Paul Componation, professor and director of graduate education for engineering management. “It allows them to develop both their technical engineering and management skills at the same time, putting them in an excellent position to excel in any opportunity that comes up in engineering or in management.”

Admission requires a 3.0 grade point average from an ABET accredited undergraduate engineering program; two years of engineering experience or current full-time employment as an engineer; and calculus up through differential equations, engineering statistics and engineering economy. Required coursework is provided through the College of Engineering and the College of Business.

To find out more about online engineering graduate certificates and degrees, please check out the Engineering-LAS Online Learning website.