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Academia meets industry at Center for e-Design

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Augmented reality, driving simulators and black swans are among the topics in the latest newsletter from the Center for e-Design.

The Augmented Reality Customer Collaborator (ARCC) team is working to create a prototype for camera-enabled tablets that will take images of components in need of support. In collaboration with Boeing, the Iowa State ARCC research team includes researchers Eliot Winer and Stephen Gilbert; graduate research assistants Joseph Holub and Trevor Richardson; and undergraduate research assistants Matthew Dryden, Thomas Schnieders and Shawn LaGrotta.

Researchers from the University at Buffalo have prepared three new presentations for the 2013 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), including “Not just for Kids – Simulation for Evaluation of Senior Drivers,” “Towards Standardizing Simulators in Teen Driver Training – Lessons Learned,” and “A Matter of Fidelity – identifying the “sweet spot” for simulation.” The three efforts have been accepted pending a final review.

The Institute of Critical Technology and Applied Science (ICTAS) hosted a Black Swan Seminar on March 29, with a theme of “Expect the Unexpected.” A forum was included to discuss how e-Design could best respond to unforeseeable events and be the breeding ground for the next Black Swan in transformative technology. The presentation and discussion were facilitated by Janis Terpenny, center director and chair of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering at Iowa State, along with Nicholas Polys and Richard Goff, co-directors from Virginia Tech.

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