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Iowa State surveys livestock producers on distillers grains use

Iowa State University is about halfway through a three-month long online survey of livestock producers’ use of distillers grains. The nationwide survey is focused on the beef, dairy, swine and poultry sectors.

Kurt Rosentrater, an assistant professor in the department of agricultural and biosystems engineering Iowa State University, said the survey may have to be extended if there aren’t enough respondents before the June 19 cutoff date. If that’s the case, surveys will likely be sent out in the mail, a process that will take more time.

Ethanol producers can help bring in more respondents and better survey results by spreading the word to their distillers grains customers. The online version takes about 5 or 10 minutes to complete and can be accessed here. “The more we can get the message out, the better,” Rosentrater said. “If we just get a couple a dozen responses, that’s not going to tell us a lot. We need a large response to get a good understanding of how this is working in the marketplace.”

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