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Iowa State students return to help rebuild Dry Creek

A group of student volunteers are rolling up their sleeves and strapping on their tool belts to help rebuild a community devastated by August flood water.

This makes the second time students from Iowa State University made the trek from Ames, Iowa, to Washington County, Tennessee.

A group came earlier last fall to work on Appalachia Service Project’s first flood home rebuild. The experience was enough to bring them back, eager to help more lives.

Nail by nail, and piece by piece, students a thousand miles away from Iowa State University help build Judy Hyduck a new home on Dry Creek Road. Hers is still marred by flood damage.

“They are the ‘workingest’ people I ever seen. They come at daylight, and they work until dark,” Hyduck told News 5.

During their spring break, 45 construction engineering majors put classroom skills to work, helping Appalachia Service Project get a flood ravaged community back on its feet. “Them coming down is a real shot in the arm. I mean, they’re going to frame up and dry in four houses for us in a matter of about four days,” said Walter Crouch, the president of Appalachia Service Project.

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