Administrators challenge Iowa State to exceed goal for United Way

Each year, the United Way sets a monetary goal to be raised to aid the local community. This year, that goal has been set at $1,675,000 for Story County. Iowa State is set to raise $320,000 of that goal, but some believe the students, faculty and staff can do better.

Thomas Hill, vice president of student affairs, and Jonathan Wickert, dean of the College of Engineering, have challenged the university to raise $350,000, $30,000 more than the initial goal. If this goal is met, the two have agreed to dye their hair cardinal and gold.

Hill is committed to getting students and faculty to contribute to the United Way efforts because he says it gives them “… a sense of being a part of a community and contributing to that community. We sometimes forget how fortunate we are, not everybody is in that position.

The students at Iowa State are responsible for raising $5,000 of the $320,000 goal. The rest has been split up amongst the departments and other areas of Iowa State.

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