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PhD candidate featured in Biodiesel Magazine

Bernardo del Campo is a PhD candidate at the Bioeconomy Institute at Iowa State who helps lead an organization called the Next Generation Scientists for Biodiesel. Del Campo is helping answer the call for Iowa State to become an alternative fuels leader and he wrote the following editorial piece:

Just like the national debt, our generation will inherit an enormous carbon debt, as well as a brittle energy platform. Nevertheless, this generation of scientists can make a major impact on the environment, energy security and social development around the world. That’s why I have chosen a career in biofuels science.

As a developing scientist, I urge us to not fall under the misdirected notion that we must leave today’s biofuels behind in order to pursue a healthier energy future. While I believe there are additional new alternatives very close to making an impact, we should recognize that today’s biofuels are reducing petroleum consumption by billions of gallons in the U.S. each year, while providing environmental and economic benefits to society.

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