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Iowa State Power Pullers team hopes for revenge in upcoming competition

Last year, Iowa State University’s ¼ scale tractor pull team had its high hopes dashed when they finished much lower than expected in their annual competition.

With this year’s entry, named Cy’s Revenge, the Iowa State Power Pullers are set to roar back to the top, where they believe they belong.

“We need to go into the competition and get our name back [as a quality team], and get back to a top five spot,” said Kent Thoreson, a junior in agricultural engineering and president-elect of the Power Puller’s club. “That is where we need to be and where we always are.”

Thoreson and the rest of the Power Pullers will see how they measure up at the 14th Annual International ¼ Scale Tractor Student Design Competition, to be held June 2 to 5 in Peoria, Ill. The competition is sponsored by the American Society for Agricultural and Biological Engineers, a professional organization dedicated to engineering for agricultural, food, and biological systems.

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