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Students to process waste vegetable oil from ISU Dining to fuel CyRide bus

Some Iowa State University students are serious about getting their campus community “on the bus” when it comes to green living. And they hope to pick up some other Ames residents along the way.

That’s at least the plan, according to David Correll, a Ph.D. student in Iowa State’s College of Business and co-founder and president of ISU BioBus — an entrepreneurial student initiative that will soon recycle waste vegetable oil from ISU Dining campus facilities and turn it into biodiesel to power a CyRide bus. The BioBus students are installing their new processor in their Biorenewables Research Laboratory headquarters over the next couple of weeks and hope to produce their first supply of fuel to run a CyRide bus by the beginning of March.

Tom Brumm, associate professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, is the faculty advisor for the organization.

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