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SWE banquet features ME alumna, recognizes members

On November 30, the Iowa State chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) honored 50 members during their annual banquet with SWE membership points. See the list below to see a list of members recognized at the banquet.

Cynthia Lord, BSME’82, was the keynote speaker at the banquet. Lord congratulated the members and encouraged them to continue pursuing their engineering degrees. She shared her own experiences and the many opportunities she has been afforded because of her engineering background. Emphasizing that engineering is a wonderful foundation for life, Lord also noted that in addition to traditional engineering fields, other career paths are available to engineers such as law or public policy.

“SWE is important to provide educational and networking opportunities for women in technical fields,” Lord said. “But most importantly, the group provides encouragement. There are still too few women in the field and they need support to stick with it.”

SWE membership points

Points are given to members based on their level of involvement in the group. Members earn points for a variety of activities that include holding executive or cabinet positions and volunteering at outreach or community service events. There are three levels on which members can be recognized: silver (40 points are earned), gold (60 points are earned), and platinum (80 points are earned). For more details visit the SWE website.

Cindu Annandarajah, Silver
Kate Baringer, Silver
Sydney Brady, Silver
Nicole Bruck, Platinum
Kelsey Bruning, Platinum
Veronica Bryant, Silver
Ashley Bye, Silver
Alicia Fleege, Silver
Amy Garvin, Silver
Erin Gavin, Gold
Allison Gerber, Silver
Teresa Goeddel, Gold
Elizabeth Hazelett, Silver
Kelly Henrichs, Silver
Morgan Hodge, Platinum
Bethany Juhnke, Platinum
Amanda Kavlie, Silver
Jordyn Koll, Silver
Kathy Kopytko, Silver
Mary Krull, Gold
Marissa Kruse, Gold
Yunnie Low, Silver
Allison Machtemes, Silver
Alma Marquez, Silver
Hannah McCuddin, Silver
Sydney McKechnie, Gold
Holly Meysenburg, Silver
Jill Middendorf, Platinum
Kshira Nadarajan, Silver
Lisa Nielsen, Gold
Amy O’Dell, Platinum
Amanda Owen, Silver
Cara Petrie, Silver
Ashley Polkinghorn, Silver
Kristin Reynolds, Gold
Abby Roberts, Silver
Vania Romay, Platinum
Meisha Rosenberg, Silver
Jennifer Schoborg, Gold
Jessica Scott, Silver
Sara Sloan, Gold
Emily Spicher, Silver
Samantha Spiering, Gold
Carly Tessmann, Silver
Claire Turner, Silver
Eurydice Ulysses, Gold
Erika Vaassen, Silver
Elizabeth Welch, Gold
Trena Williams, Gold