Iowa State’s 2009 Mars rover is ready to roll

  Contacts: Andy Frick, Iowa State MAVRIC team leader, 563 650-8750, Matthew Nelson, Space Systems and Controls Lab, 515 294-2640, Mary Jo Glanville, Engineering Communications and Marketing, 515 294-8787, Ames, Iowa—Building a Mars rover is, to say the least, a challenging task. The Mars terrain, after all, is unforgiving—dusty and hilly and … Continue reading Iowa State’s 2009 Mars rover is ready to roll

Shourya Otta receives 2009 Research Excellence Award

Shourya Otta-received the 2009 Spring Research Excellence Award.  His major professor, Dr. Alric Rothmayer, nominated Shourya for this excellence award. The purpose of a Research Excellence Award “is to recognize at the time of their graduation up to 10% of the graduating graduate students for their outstanding research accomplishments as documented in their theses and dissertations.”

Hong (Michael) Yang received 2009 Spring Teaching Excellence Award

Hong (Michael) Yang-received a Teaching Excellence Award for Spring, 2009.  His major professor is Dr. Z.J. Wang and he was nominated for this excellence award by Dr. Joe Schaefer, his supervising instructor. The purpose of a Teaching Excellence Awards “is to recognize and encourage outstanding achievement by graduate students in teaching.”