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Taimoor UI Islam is addressing the digital divide from Iowa to Pakistan

He has been working on all aspects of the ARA: designing, procurement, installation and connectivity along with all the other team members. This includes troubleshooting problems, working in the field with agriculture producers and monitoring all aspects of the project.

Building green fertilizer system to reuse waste and cut greenhouse gas emissions

Wenzhen Li, professor of chemical and biological engineering and the Herbert L. Stiles Faculty Fellow, will lead Iowa State’s work on the new $4 million project, joined by Liang Dong, the Vikram L. Dalal Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and other colleagues

Electric Power Research Center: Sixty years of aiding industry, preparing students, inventing solutions

The Electric Power Research Center began in 1963 as the Power Affiliates Program. Its mission was to “advance research and graduate education in electric power systems and strengthen industry ties.”

Stuart Pearson built connections through being a peer mentor, TA

Stuart Pearson is a senior in electrical engineering and concurrent grad student, a peer mentor in Electrical, Computer and Software Engineers as Leaders (ECSEL) and a teaching assistant for EE 201 and EE 351. This summer Pearson will be interning for SpaceX’s Starship program and then returning to Iowa State this fall finish his master’s degree in electrical engineering.

Katie Wolf: “Why not give it all a try? Putting yourself out there is the best way to learn, connect and thrive”

When it comes to getting involved, Katie Wolf, a computer engineering major, is a maximalist. Why work on one minor when she’s interested in two? Why not see what another student club is all about? An opportunity to get hands-on research experience? Sign her up. “Putting yourself out there and trying something new is the best way to learn, connect and thrive here at Iowa State,” said Wolf. “I just showed up, a lot of different times, a lot of different places, without many expectations – and was ready to learn.”

David Wolfe: Outstanding senior in cyber security engineering

“I want to help people learn and tear down some of the walls preventing people from interacting with cyber security. You don’t need an expert in the technical details of SSL encryption to understand how to be safe online. So, I plan on going back to my hometown to talk to students about security and continue to give talks and presentations to anyone who will listen after college.”

Stuart Pearson: Outstanding senior in electrical engineering

“My undergraduate research work was valuable because I got a lot of hands-on experience with actual engineering equipment in the field, which has honed my skills in analyzing the inherent discrepancy between theory and real results. My senior design project has been very valuable in the exercise of bringing an idea that doesn’t currently exist into reality with nothing but the wits of my team.”

Hey Cimone, how do you make the most of the college experience?

When she is not working to keep the grid safe, she is working to ensure college students get the most out of their experience on campus.

“I was motivated by students that were stumbling through their college degrees. There is more to college than the degree,” Wright-Hamor said. “The real benefits of college are access to the alumni network, the free or reduced-priced resources that help build your skills, and the amount of generalized knowledge in one location.”