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Innovating a decentralized framework for secure communication

Shana Moothedath

Every day, millions of terabytes of information traverse the globe, constituting a scale of communication unprecedented in human history. As our exploration extends beyond Earth, the significance of images and data from satellites and space missions becomes increasingly profound.

The intricate transfer of such crucial imagery and diverse data for practical applications relies heavily on a federated system. This intricate system involves breaking down information into smaller, compressed segments, subsequently encrypting them for secure transmission and decoding upon arrival.

At the forefront of advancing a decentralized framework for reconstructing data from under sampled and noisy signals is assistant professor Shana Moothedath. Her research not only delves into the complexities of efficient data reconstruction but also prioritizes the security of this process. In the face of an evolving threat landscape, Moothedath directs her efforts toward safeguarding against potential risks posed by malicious actors who may seek to compromise or manipulate data. This security emphasis holds particular significance in contexts vital to national security, where the integrity of information is of utmost importance.

“Our primary contribution lies in demonstrating the high success rate of our approach to fully decentralize the communication decoding process,” Moothedath said. “Simultaneously, we aim to excel in identifying and thwarting fraudulent activities perpetrated by malicious actors, thereby ensuring the resilience and dependability of our decentralized framework, especially in critical applications.”