E-Week: Celebrating the engineering community

A tradition that began in 1965, Engineers Week (E-Week) is a staple event within the College of Engineering, continuing to grow each year. E-Week is a student
organization that serves to celebrate the engineering field, the College of Engineering and its students, faculty, and staff. E-Week hopes to provide a way for students to build relationships with other students, faculty and alumni as well as network and increase professional development.

Iowa State gears up for second round of Hyperloop competition

A challenge issued by SpaceX and Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk, is reaching its final stages. In an attempt to make a more efficient transportation system, Musk issued an open challenge for teams to create a “Hyperloop pod” that can travel 700 mph, making the trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles only 20 minutes [Continue Reading…]

Presidential research initiative builds, advances four big data research teams

The second round of awards from Iowa State University’s Presidential Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research will help build four big data research teams and launch major projects in digital agriculture and intelligent text analysis.

Iowa State engineer models heart valves, wind turbines for better designs, performance

Three thin leaflets blew open and blood blasted through an artificial heart valve, the center stream firing reds and yellows, the colors indicating a flow speed up to 125 centimeters per second. When the leaflets slammed shut, the flow turned to light blue eddies, indicating blood flow had nearly stopped.

Omaha Business Hall of Fame to induct six who worked their way to the top

“When things got tough, you worked your way through it.” Those words come from a 43-year career on the railroad that could apply to any of the six local business leaders who worked their way to the tops of their organizations.

Engineering students appointed to GSB committee seats

Student Government filled a number of seats on various committees and read a bill to fund CySwap at its first meeting of the 2016 year. The Senate confirmed Jordan Muell, senior in agricultural engineering, as the director of sustainability. Muell said a major goal of his as director would be to improve efficiency and uniformity [Continue Reading…]

Climate concerns ignite search for next-gen energy

Emily Heaton says clean energy from the 12-foot tall miscanthus she grows at an Iowa State University farm can help cut the carbon that’s warming the planet. “I should be able to start my truck or turn on my lights at home, and it makes the air cleaner,” said Heaton.

Iowa scientists help drive energy transformation

Expecting a baby with the new year, Iowa State University engineering doctoral student Marty Haverly has been thinking a lot about the climate challenges future generations face. Haverly and his wife, Julie, a senior business analyst at the Ames-based biodiesel producer Renewable Energy Group, think they have the opportunity to address those challenges head-on.

Three students represent Iowa State University at the National and Regional level of the National Society of Black Engineering.

Courtney Towles, Christian Miller, and Chloe McPherson are leading the way for future black students in STEM. To learn more about each student, click the photo.

Chloe McPherson: National publications chairperson

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Chloe McPherson has made great strides as an Iowa State University student and as the NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) national publications chairperson.

Engineering college names student marshal, outstanding seniors for fall 2015 commencement

Twelve seniors will be honored at this semester’s commencement ceremony

Startup Aviso is using big data to help companies meet their sales goals

What’s the best way for salespeople to meet their goals? Go for the big deal that could blow the year’s results if it falls through – or wrap up a few little ones that seem less risky even if the dollars aren’t as high? For most businesses, these are difficult questions that are often made based on intuition, emotion and basic number-crunching on Excel spreadsheets.