Mechanical engineering researchers receive 3-year, $360K grant

The National Science Foundation (NSF) recently awarded a $360,485 grant to two Iowa State University mechanical engineering professors. The funding will support a project entitled “REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) Site: Research and Education in Multiscale Sensing and Imaging” led by Pranav Shrotriya and Sriram Sundararajan. Funding for the project begins on Sept. 1, 2016 and will [Continue Reading…]

Three mechanical engineering professors receive research funding

Three Iowa State University mechanical engineering professors have been awarded research funding for the upcoming academic year. Jaime Juarez along with graduate research assistant Meghana Akella, Meng Lu and GRA Longju Liu, and Sonal Padalkar with GRA Minh Tran were each awarded funding through the Catron Fellowship. The researchers will be allocated $14,000 during the fall, $14,000 in the spring and $7,000 for the summer. Each research [Continue Reading…]

Mechanical Engineering professor Reza Montazami to be featured on ‘Science Friday’ and ‘River to River’

Reza Montazami, an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, will be featured on Public Radio International’s (PRI) Science Friday program tomorrow, August 12. Montazami will discuss his recent research on dissolving batteries for self-destructing devices. His research is part of a relatively new field of study known as “transient electronics” and has various applications from helping the [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State alumni find success with geothermal drilling

Dan Rau, a mechanical engineering alumnus, is making strides in geothermal energy. After he graduated in 1998, Rau began working as a mechanical engineer for a consulting firm that designed heating, venting and cooling systems for commercial use. That’s when he was introduced to geothermal technology and began to invest his time into researching the [Continue Reading…]

Team PrISUm finishes nearly 2,000 miles of racing in seventh, wins two achievement awards

Cloud cover slows Team PrISUm, team has to haul Phaëton 2 to Scotts Bluff

Team PrISUm enjoys sunny skies and a (mostly) quiet drive to Topeka

Iowa State scientists develop quick-destructing battery to power ‘transient’ devices

AMES, Iowa – Self-destructing electronic devices could keep military secrets out of enemy hands. Or they could save patients the pain of removing a medical device. Or, they could allow environmental sensors to wash away in the rain. Making such devices possible is the goal of a relatively new field of study called “transient electronics.” [Continue Reading…]

Ph.D. student receives award for research in nondestructive testing

Hossein Taheri, a Ph.D. student in mechanical engineering, is paving the way for achieving quality in additive manufacturing. Taheri first started his work with the Materials Evaluation and Testing Laboratory (METLAB) within South Dakota State University while he conducted his master’s research on composite material testing and characterization techniques. After graduating with his master’s degree, [Continue Reading…]

More Team PrISUm highs and lows: Solar car cruises, arrives seconds late to checkpoint, drops wheel in ditch

Team PrISUm races nearly 300 miles on the day, runs out of charge 5 miles from stage stop

Team PrISUm solves another problem, races well, looks forward to a quiet night