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PhD student Cicero Pola part of 2022-23 Brown Graduate Fellowship Program

Cicero is currently doing research on the design and analysis of graphene-based electrochemical sensors for the detection of relevant food safety and public health targets including virus, foodborne pathogens and food allergens. Among his achievements is his number of peer-reviewed publications. He has already published 22 peer-reviewed articles in high impact journals, 15 peer-reviewed articles since he joined Iowa State University, five book chapters, [and] one patent. These are all a testament of his dedication and research excellence.

Cyclone engineers take to the sky for advanced manufacturing research

A team of Iowa State University College of Engineering researchers recently experienced something that few ever will: a zero-gravity environment.

New leadership positions lead advancement in key undergraduate education outcomes

Cris Schwartz, professor of mechanical engineering and director of ME’s undergraduate education, has been appointed professor in charge of foundational mechanics course experience, and Jennifer Heinen, teaching professor of chemical and biological engineering and CBE’s director of undergraduate education, has been named professor in charge of continuous improvement and accreditation.

Iowa Lakes teams up with Iowa State to test batteries

Iowa Lakes Community College collaborates with Iowa State University to provide hands-on learning experiences to engineering students. The experimental collaboration utilizes a battery testing machine purchased with a grant obtained by both colleges. The device will allow engineering students to collect data on the optimal charging cycles of battery cells.

Two PIRI awards grant $900k to support translational artificial intelligence and foster rural innovation

The Iowa State University Office of the Vice President for Research has announced two winning teams for the 2021 Presidential Interdisciplinary Research Initiative (PIRI), distributing a total of $900,000 in institutional funding to support two of the largest collaborative initiatives in award history. For the 2021 award cycle, two teams led by associate professor of mechanical engineering Soumik Sarkar, and professor of electrical and computer engineering Hongwei Zhang and professor of architecture Kimberly Zarecor, were each recently selected to receive $450,000 in PIRI funding over the next three years.