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Hailey Negley: Dean’s Student Leadership Award winner and outstanding senior in mechanical engineering


Mundelein, Illinois

Clubs and activities

Biomedical Engineering Society, Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honors Society), Pi Tau Sigma (Mechanical Engineering Honors Society), Intramural Volleyball, ISU Symphonic Band, Groove.

Valuable hands-on learning in class 

My senior capstone class was a very valuable experience because I learned both engineering and communication skills. As a part of this class, we worked directly with a company to complete a project. It was a great learning opportunity and mirrored my industry experiences. 

Out-of-the-classroom engineering experience 

My internship with Fresenius Kabi was my most valuable experience outside of the classroom. I was able to work on a blood donation device that will be on the market soon. As an intern, I was able to design, 3D print it and test a product. This process allowed me to learn a lot of valuable skills like Advanced CAD, 3D printing and maintenance, design for manufacturing and cross-functional collaboration. One of my dreams is to be a design engineer and this internship initiated my adventure.  

Most influential mentor 

Reza Montazami has been my most influential mentor. I had him as a professor my junior year and after that, he asked me to join his research group, the Advanced Materials Lab. Since then, he has been very supportive of my exploration into Bio-Ion-Gated Transistors and has taught me a lot about the research side of engineering. He also nominated me for the Iowa Space Grant Consortium Undergraduate Research Scholarship – funded by NASA, and the Dean’s Leadership Award

Leadership development

The experience that helped me develop my leadership skills the most was participating as an Honors 121 leader in my sophomore year. As a part of that program, Honors Leaders teach a class of honors freshmen and guide them during their first semester at ISU. This experience was rewarding because I gave back to a program that helped me grow during my first year. I was also able to develop my leadership skills through teaching and guiding my peers throughout the semester.

Cyclone Engineering community

Being a cabinet member of the Biomedical Engineering Society has been very rewarding. Since the major was just started, I wanted to make sure I set this club up for success in the future. It was exciting to see our attendance double and have more interactions with professors and alumni. This club became something I wish I had when I was a freshman 

Best memory 

One of my favorite memories is watching the ISU Men’s Basketball team beat Texas at home. The energy in Hilton was electric, and it was an unforgettable moment for me. 

Plans after graduation 

I have accepted a position as a Mechanical Engineer at Garmin. I will be moving to the Kansas City area; however, I am planning on driving up for all ISU Football games in the fall! 

Making my mark on the world 

I want to help the next generation of female engineers reach their full potential. I have been lucky to have outstanding mentors who have supported and taught me. I want to mentor the next generation of engineers and show them what’s possible as a female in engineering 

Engineering like a Cyclone Engineer 

Iowa State encourages all its students to explore and dive into their interests, and for me, that rang true as a Cyclone Engineer. During my senior year, I was able to fabricate Bio-Ion-Gated Transistors in my research class, and then an hour later, go play oboe for the symphonic band. As a part of BMES, I helped design a Bionic Foot, and in Sophomore Design, I designed a rice thresher. I even studied abroad in Italy with the Engineering in Italy program. I was able to follow any of my interests without any barriers at ISU