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Welcoming Sayani Maity, new assistant teaching professor of mechanical engineering

Sayani Marty

Sayani MartyEducation: PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University. M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Jadavpur University, India. B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Jalpaiguri Govt. Engineering College, India. 

Research focus: Robotics, Control System, Controller Design for Connected Automated Vehicles, Modeling Holonomic and Non-Holonomic Systems

Joins Iowa State from: Assistant professor and Director of Systems Engineering Graduate Program position, Mechanical Engineering, University of North Dakota.

Recognitions and awards: Selected for ASTRO (Advanced Short-Term Research Opportunity) Graduate Internship at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 2019-20; Iowa State University Teaching Excellence award, Fall 2018; Seward, Ratcliffe, and Galloway Foundation Fellowship in Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State University, 2014-15 Academic Year.

How do you hope your research discoveries impact the world? 

Even though it is a broad research range, I hope to advance development in the design of controllers for various linear and non-linear systems. A specific focus for me is on modeling controllers for Connected Automated Vehicles. Across the United States, automated vehicles are gaining popularity due to convenience and safety related issues. During my doctoral studies, I developed controllers for inverted systems on various kinds of linear and non-linear motion vehicles. In the future, I am interested in continuing my research on inverted pendulum systems with a target application in Segway, robots, rocket ships, etc. 

What kind of classroom and teaching experience do you look forward to creating at Iowa State? 

In the classroom, my teaching focus is to develop an engaging learning environment and promote thinking skills. By respecting students’ opinions and backgrounds simultaneously, my aim is to perpetuate knowledge and inspire learning. I also aim to focus on connecting real life practical application with theoretical knowledge. 

What drew you to join Iowa State? 

I did my doctoral studies and spent my first five years in the United States at Iowa State. There are many opportunities at ISU to leverage my career in to a cooperative and supportive environment. I find myself fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of this globally renowned institution for higher education.