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Annika Lehan is turning technology into sustainability

“As a Cyclone Engineer, I would like to use technology to design and improve processes that will help guide us toward a more sustainable future. Additionally, I hope to have a positive impact on my peers and one day be able to provide mentorship because it’s only when we help set up future generations that we will have truly made our impact on the world.”

Congratulations 2023-2024 Cardinal Women cohort

Congrats to Cyclone Engineering faculty and staff selected for the 2023-2024 Cardinal Women cohort: Elaina Beck, Engineering Student Services Kristen Bollenbaugh, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Alisha Carroll, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Leah Eilers, Electrical and Computer Engineering Alex Gustafson, Engineering Student Services Natasha Hoover, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Elizabeth Medina, Mechanical Engineering Cassie Rutherford, Civil, …Continue reading “Congratulations 2023-2024 Cardinal Women cohort”

Iowa State University College of Engineering launches new biomedical engineering degree

Iowa State University’s College of Engineering is introducing a bachelor of science degree program in biomedical engineering.

The biomedical engineering program will be a hands-on educational experience in understanding, designing and manufacturing innovations to improve health. Majoring in biomedical engineering can also prepare students for medical school or other advanced studies.