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GO-ECpE builds community for graduate students

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student Organization (GO-ECpE) serves to foster a sense of community and professional development for the ECpE graduate student body.

Rahmat Adesunkanmi, got involved in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student Organization (GO-ECpE) because she wanted to make a difference for her colleagues in help foster a sense of community.”

“I just wanted to create a safe a social space for everybody. That’s what we’ve been trying to do together as a group,” Adesunkanmi said.

Adesunkanmi, who came to Iowa State from Nigeria in 2018, said GO-ECpE helped bring her closer to people with shared interests – and shared experiences.

Adesunkanmi said she was one of the few African students the organization had when she first arrived at Iowa State.

“As the years go by, I met more African students and was really able to relate. And, I, of course, found new ways to relate to other GO-ECpE members from all over the world. GO-ECpE is a network, it’s people,” Adesunkanmi said.

Each semester, GO-ECpE plans a series of events inviting alums and industry professionals to socialize and network with ECpE graduate students. Other events include an end-of-the-semester potluck and a weekly social event called Coffee and Conversation.