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Here to make a change: Grad student Grace Carey receives Brown Graduate Fellowship, empowered to study sustainable agriculture

One of only twelve awardees at Iowa State University, and housed in the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, microbiology student Grace Carey received the $10,000 prestigious Brown Graduate Fellowship. Carey’s path to where she is today, a third-year, successful doctoral student, was a hard-earned path paved with her drive for environmental justice and passion for sustainable agriculture.

ABE’s new dynamometer provides large machinery testing to Midwest manufacturers

Located in the heart of the United States farming landscape, Iowa State University serves as a resource for farmers all around the midwest. The Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ABE) has a history of working with local farmers on many different agricultural designs – from power machinery to wastewater treatment, and many projects in between.

Cutting-edge research in an ever-changing field: ABE 410 brings the future of ag automation into the classroom 

In ABE 410, class is about more than machine design – it’s about learning how to design, communicate and operate projects in an ever-changing and always advancing field: ag automation. Agriculture is one of the fastest moving fields in regards to technology – designing successful autosteer features for tractors as early as 1999.

Remembering Sue Ziegenbusch: A bright light in ABE

Known for her contagious enthusiasm and passion for helping others, Sue Ziegenbusch was a bright light as an academic advisor in the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering.

On June 1st, 2022, Sue passed away and left behind a legacy of laughter and passion for putting students first. Many remember Sue for her laugh, her enthusiasm and her ability to solve problems with her humor and knowledge.