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ABE research using ultraviolet light produces safer, cleaner air that ‘smells like toothpaste’

Breathing cleaner air has become more relevant than ever in the last few years. What if, along with cleaner air, it smelled fresh and minty, too? For Iowa State University Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Professor Jacek Koziel, studying how to have clean air and reduce odor is nothing new. He has been in pursuit of healthy air quality for the last 15 years, using ultraviolet light to filter out airborne pathogens and produce  air that ends up smelling like toothpaste.

ABE Alum Mitchell Hora Builds Soil Health Company From the Ground Up

The 19th person in his family line to go to Iowa State, and coming from a seventh generation farm in small-town Iowa, Hora started his adventure in the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering only knowing he had an interest in agriculture and a family history at Iowa State. Little did he know that in four years, he would have built an international soil-health business from the ground up.

ABE Provides Free Hazardous Safety Training to Companies and Employees

ISU Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering teaching professor James Wright and associate professor Nir Keren just received an OSHA, U.S. Department of Labor, Susan Harwood Training grant to implement hazard communications and chemical hazards training to ‘prepare employees, supervisors and owners of manufacturing, construction and agricultural companies for regulatory safety requirements, suggestions and strategies for work protection.’

Engineers From Ghana Visit ISU for Collaborative Research

This semester, Iowa State University’s Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering professor Dirk Maier and doctorate student George Obeng-Akrofi hosted fellow members of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology’s Engineers Without Borders (EWB-KNUST) student organization in Kumasi, Ghana. 

Antique Tractor Club Restores 1952 Tractor to be Donated to Community in Mexico

From restoring engines that have spent hours underwater to replacing badly damaged wiring, the Iowa State University Antique Tractor Club, housed in the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ABE), dedicates days, nights and hours to bringing antique, worn down tractors back to life.

Planter University: ISU ABE and ANR Work Together to Optimize Planter Setup & Technology for Growers

Traveling to every corner of the state, Iowa State University Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ABE) technical project specialists Ryan Bergman, Ben Covington and Levi Powell teamed up with ISU ANR Extension and Outreach field agronomists to optimize knowledge for farmers and businesses on planter equipment through a five-day workshop series called ‘Planter University.’

Merging Art and Science: Wetland Art Shares a Message of Community and Sustainability in ABE

When traveling through the halls of Sukup, the message of sustainability and conservation is often shown through artwork, posters and more. Recently, the building received an original piece of art to add to the walls – now hanging on the fourth floor of Elings Hall.

Apply now for Spaceflight Operations Workshop™! Do you have what it takes?

If “What I Did This Summer” essays were still a thing in school, the Department of Aerospace Engineering Spaceflight Operations Workshop would offer some great inspiration.

And while those selected for this year’s edition may or may not be writing essays about it later, it will give them something even more valuable: a new way of looking at the world and handling challenges – from an “operational” standpoint.

The application period for the two-week experience, set for August 2-14, 2022, is now open. As always, it will depart from the typical college classroom experience, to engage students in hands-on activities to learn planning, execution, and teamwork while transforming their thought processes to be more operationally centered.