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ISU ASABE Hosts Iowa Secretary of Agriculture

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig speaks in ASABE club meeting.

Back in October, the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers vice president Erin Sobotka, a senior in agricultural engineering, reached out to the Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig’s assistant, through a prior internship connection. ASABE invites industry personnel and professionals in agriculture to discuss employment opportunities to speak at their meetings regularly, but a visit from the Secretary of Agriculture brings a unique perspective. Yesterday, April 3, Naig presented to the club.

 Bailey Adams, assistant professor in agricultural engineering and ASABE faculty advisor, was excited for his students to experience Naig’s presentation. “Industry connections provide valuable insight into our student’s professional possibilities, but hosting the Iowa Secretary of Agriculture provides a next level of impact. It allows us to learn about agriculture more broadly,” said Adams.

 In his presentation, Naig emphasized the importance of policy awareness, “Wherever you end up in agriculture, regardless of industry, you have to be aware of policy,” Naig said.

 Naig also outlined challenges farmers are facing today and markets affected by policy happening in real-time.

 Concluding the presentation, students could ask questions and chat one-on-one with Naig—an uncommon educational opportunity.

 ASABE is a national organization for students interested in agricultural and biosystems engineering. The group provides a space for discussion, leadership and professional development, industry connection and community development — they also host events and socials. Learn more about the Iowa State chapter of ASABE and how to get involved here.

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