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ABE Alum Spotlight: Willow Griffith – innovating with precision, starting at ISU

Willow Griffith, ISU ABE Alum

Willow Griffith graduated from Iowa State University in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture systems technology (AST). Now at the Climate LLC as a product manager, she has combined her love for agriculture and innovation to find a career she is passionate about.  

Time at ISU  

Griffith started her journey at Iowa State on the pre-med path but soon realized it wasn’t where she fit best. Enjoying her FFA involvement in high school, she decided to try out AST. After becoming involved in the AST club and holding an internship with Brown Farms, Griffith was confident this was where she was going to flourish. 

During an internship with Gold Star FS, she discovered her passion for precision agriculture. “Seeing technology being applied and seeing the results live, I realized this is something that can really help farmers and keep the industry growing,” Griffith said. “That was the turning point for me, actually seeing agricultural technology benefit growers and how I could support solving the food crisis.” 

A career in precision  

After graduating from Iowa State, Griffith started working for Climate LLC. Beginning in the level one position of Product Generalist, she worked with customers and helped diagnose software issues.  

During her first year, Griffith realized the importance of saying yes. “Don’t be scared to challenge yourself and go outside what is required of your role,” Griffith said. “Saying yes to people was really how I built my network, and it gave me the opportunity to hold other roles within the company.”  

Griffith quickly moved into higher positions, diversifying her skills and leading global support teams. Present day, Griffith serves as a Product Manager for Climate Field View Cab for Android. In this position, she owns the road map and design for the Android version of the app, impacting the user experience every day.   

Griffith gained a passion for agriculture and innovation through her professional and academic career, starting at Iowa State.