Shaw awarded SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship

Santosh Shaw, a PhD student in materials science and engineering, was recently awarded a 2016 Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship by SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics. Shaw was recognized for his potential contributions to the field of optics, photonics, or other light-based science. Working with MSE Assistant Professor Ludovico Cademartiri, Shaw’s research [Continue Reading…]

Kara Lind: Growing plants in LEGOs

After finishing her B.S. in chemical engineering at Iowa State, graduate student Kara Lind was looking for a change of pace. But she didn’t have to travel very far. Staying at Iowa State, Lind is now a graduate student in materials science and engineering. During her time as an undergraduate, Lind focused on biofuels research, [Continue Reading…]

Hannah Bygd: Using materials to advance immunology

Graduate student combines interests in materials science and biochemistry Driven by her diverse educational background, graduate student Hannah Bygd is using her well-rounded knowledge to make a big impact on the medical field. Bygd, a graduate student at Iowa State studying materials science, is looking at macrophage reprogramming. She and Kaitlin Bratlie, an assistant professor [Continue Reading…]

Iowa State students, alumni chosen for National Science Foundation fellowships

Four students who have spent time in Iowa State’s engineering programs have been selected for the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program. The students are among 2,000 individuals receiving awards in 2016 out of 17,000 applicants. Two students, Trent Borman and Rachel Creighton, attended Iowa State University as undergraduates and are now doing graduate [Continue Reading…]

Materials engineering graduates branch out for new studies and new locations

This weekend during commencement, an anticipated 3,823 undergraduates will join the ranks of Iowa State alumni. For two materials engineering students, the education and experiences they acquired here at Iowa State will propel them forward into new adventures as Ph.D. students. Jake Sporrer will head to the University of California-Berkeley to pursue a Ph.D. in [Continue Reading…]

Department of Materials Science and Engineering names 2016 Departmental Award recipients

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Iowa State University recently announced its 2016 Departmental Award recipients. Trivedi Best Paper Award Named for MSE Distinguished Professor Rohit Trivedi, the Trivedi Best Paper Award is given annually for the best MSE graduate student paper. The paper must be published or accepted for publication in a [Continue Reading…]

Building a Legacy: Materials engineering students keep their degrees in the family

Larry Genalo noticed an interesting trend in one of his classes. In his MAT E 316: Computational Methods in Materials course this spring, the University Professor had six different students who were related in some way to a student who had previously gone through (or in some cases, was still in) the materials science program. [Continue Reading…]

Engineering college names student marshal, outstanding seniors for spring 2016 commencement

Twelve seniors will be honored at this semester’s commencement ceremony Hillary Kletscher, a biological systems engineer from Vesta, Minnesota, is serving as this semester’s College of Engineering Student Marshal during the Spring 2016 commencement ceremony. She will be accompanied by Amy Kaleita, associate professor of biological systems engineering, as she leads the engineering class into [Continue Reading…]

First-year engineering students gain unique experience through First-Year Honors Mentors Project

The desire to expand their reach and introduce another generation to engineering led a few first-year engineering students to pursue an interesting research project. The Iowa State University Honors Program runs the First-Year Honors Mentors Project. Participants are brought into an ISU faculty member’s research team where they work on research projects over the spring [Continue Reading…]

Mr. Rare Earth, Karl Gschneidner passes away on April 27

The internationally-recognized Iowa State alum, professor and researcher Karl A. Gschneidner Jr. passed away on the morning of April 27 at the age of 85. Gschneidner’s work with rare-earth materials led to the creation of the Critical Materials Institute at Ames Laboratory as well as the publishing of over 544 of his scientific journal articles and [Continue Reading…]

German student finds new research avenues and experiences at Iowa State

What brings a student all the way to Ames, Iowa from Münster, Germany? For Johannes Betz, it was the promise of expanding his battery research and achieving his goals of creating a sustainable future. Pursuing a master’s degree, Betz knew he wanted to expand his studies and go abroad. He reached out to his professors [Continue Reading…]

Engineers, elementary educators and future teachers partner to teach STEM

At Iowa State, integrating engineering into K-12 classrooms is a collaborative effort that spans across campus and into surrounding school districts. Trinect, a program funded by the National Science Foundation STEM-C Partnerships, brings together three groups to introduce engineering concepts to young students: engineering graduate students, preservice teacher students and cooperating elementary teachers from Des Moines Public Schools.