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Advisor Andrea Klocke helps students build confidence, establish connections

MSE Advisor Andrea Klocke interacting with two students outside.
MSE Advisor Andrea Klocke interacting with two students outside.

“Helping students to feel empowered, supported and confident in the many decisions they will make during their Iowa State career is rewarding to me, as well as being there for them when they encounter personal or academic obstacles,” said Andrea Klocke, academic advisor for over 15 years in the department of materials science and engineering.

While helping students is at the heart of her role, she’s also an enthusiastic “connector” of students, faculty and staff.

She said the relationships with peers and mentors that Cyclone Engineers build at Iowa State—both inside and outside of the classroom—are a highlight of the unique Iowa State experience.

“Andrea has impacted my time at ISU more than anyone else, helping me to be confident in myself and my choices. I think every student needs an Andrea in their corner to help them thrive,” said MSE graduate student Abby Stanlick. “She helped me with everything from class schedules to career advice and made sure I was confident in my path forward. She was also a great example of how to interact with my students as a mentor and build relationships to help people be comfortable asking questions and confident in their abilities.”

Klocke said that Iowa State prioritizes the human connection piece of being a student, building a network early through learning communities, supporting and showcasing student organizations and reminding all of us that we are here together to keep the campus community safe, well and thriving.

“Students graduate from Iowa State with lasting friendships, professional mentors and an understanding that it is the people in our lives that give our professional and personal futures both meaning and fun.”