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Keeping the lights on in rural Iowa, digital tool to support utilities in the face of extreme weather events

Alipour recently received stage one of a two-stage grant to develop a digital infrastructure tool that can support electrical infrastructure, titled “Electric Network Disaster Mitigation for Utilities in Rural Environment (ENDURE).” This grant is a part of the CIVIC Innovation Challenge, funded by National Science Foundation in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The CIVIC Innovation Challenge works to “lay the foundation for a broader and more fluid exchange of research.”

Four graduate students top CBE’s Perfect Pitch research competition

The comment, “So, tell me about your research!” will be easier to field for CBE’s graduate students who took part in this year’s Perfect Pitch competition. The students once again faced a 90-second time limit (with the aid of one PowerPoint slide) in presenting an “elevator speech” of what their research is all about.

Accelerating environmental equality in rural communities, Kaoru Ikuma receives $3.2 million EPA grant

Engineers at Iowa State University are starting a project to normalize and accelerate water reuse for rural communities. Water reuse is already implemented in small ways across the nation, especially in urban areas, but society still tends to turn heads at the thought of drinking what used to be “unusable” water.

“Food brings people together”: Ani Yam engineers manufacturing processes for meals meant to be shared

Ani Yam (’22 industrial engineering) loves to create connections and community – and what brings people together more than delicious food? So after getting a taste of the food industry in a summer internship, Yam is now a manufacturing and engineering associate at General Mills.

MSE student spends summer researching in Japan

This past summer Adam Eichhorn, who just started his senior year in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), was able to visit Japan as a part of a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) where he was able to gain valuable research experience before he moves on to graduate school.

Here to make a change: Grad student Grace Carey receives Brown Graduate Fellowship, empowered to study sustainable agriculture

One of only twelve awardees at Iowa State University, and housed in the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, microbiology student Grace Carey received the $10,000 prestigious Brown Graduate Fellowship. Carey’s path to where she is today, a third-year, successful doctoral student, was a hard-earned path paved with her drive for environmental justice and passion for sustainable agriculture.