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ABE Alum Spotlight: Matt Haas – engineering for the farmers, starting at ISU  

Matt Haas graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering in 2023. Growing up on a farm in rural Illinois, Haas had a passion for Legos, agriculture, and hands-on work.  

Welcoming ABE’s new advisor: Aaron Leppert 

The Department of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering (ABE) is excited to welcome Aaron Leppert to the department as the new Agricultural Engineering advisor. With a background in chemistry and secondary education, Aaron is extremely passionate about guiding students through their time at Iowa State.

ABE Alum Spotlight: Brady Nahkala – building a career preserving our water resources, starting at ISU

Brady Nahkala is a two-time alum of Iowa State University and a Water Resources Project Engineer at Bolton & Menk, Inc. Growing up in Minnesota, Nahkala had a love for lakes, rivers, and spending time in nature. Combining his love for the outdoors and affinity for math, he attended Iowa State to study Biological Systems Engineering.

Defining the next step for grain elevator energy consumption

“All over the world, agriculture contributes to greenhouse gas emissions through necessary harvest processing. In finding ways to reduce the footprint, I am analyzing grain elevators and the energy consumed through operation,” said Sabbir.

Experimental class connects business and engineering students

In the MKT458X: New Product Marketing course, marketing and industrial engineering students work across disciplines on product concepts, research planning and execution, branding development, and launch planning. Through collaborative work sessions, marketing students learn what is important to the engineers and how to support their efforts, while the engineers do the same for the marketers.

Shaurya Purohit came to Iowa State to step out of his comfort zone

Throughout his professional and academic journey, Shaurya Purohit’s philosophy has always been that life begins when you step out of your comfort zone. 

When Purohit received his bachelor’s degree from Manipal University Jaipur in India, he followed that philosophy when he came to Iowa State to pursue his PhD in cyber security in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECpE). He was fascinated by autonomous vehicles and learning how self-driving cars work.