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A promising year

A university campus is a great place to be in the fall, and that certainly is the case at Iowa State. Ames has been bustling with activity the past two weeks with the presidential candidate debate, the Straw Poll, and the arrival of students at the start of the academic year. Summer proved to be … Continue reading A promising year

Iowa State student attends first Google Android Camp

Taehyun Park, sophomore in computer engineering, was one of 26 college students invited to Mountain View, California, for the first-ever Google Android Camp. Over the course of the weeklong camp held June 5–11, the students met with and attended seminars given by top Google engineers. “At Google, we are committed to helping the innovators of … Continue reading Iowa State student attends first Google Android Camp

There’s an App for us

The engineering college has a very broad constituency – current and prospective students and their families, employers in business and industry, Iowans, government entities, other educational institutions, and alumni – to mention just a few. While our daily energy is focused on educating students and engineering innovation, we know that you are interested in staying … Continue reading There’s an App for us

Our vision, our plan

I was recently at a national meeting of engineering deans, and in conversations with my colleagues, it’s clear that the Great Recession and the pullback in support from state legislatures have placed created significant pressures for engineering education in the United States. At the same time, our corporate partners have challenged us in two ways: … Continue reading Our vision, our plan

Time to listen

For all the incredible work that engineers perform each day to make our lives better, it seems that we often don’t hear much about them unless we’re faced head-on with a crisis. We hear of “scientific discoveries” and “engineering disasters.”  The general public’s knowledge of what engineers do is limited. We just know that our … Continue reading Time to listen

More than lab work

Two themes that I’ve emphasized as dean are collaboration and sustainability. While it’s not difficult to imagine that those two concepts are closely related, to see them resonate well in a single project is truly gratifying. The project, in this case, is a $2 million renovation of research labs in the 1964 wing of Sweeney … Continue reading More than lab work

Back from break

Wind chill aside, it’s always invigorating to see the rise in energy levels on campus when classes begin after winter break. The new semester reminds me of what a complex enterprise the college is, with thousands of students, and hundreds of faculty and staff. When I think of the intense coursework, innovative research, and valuable … Continue reading Back from break

Always an engineer

At the start of the fall semester, I was asked to speak to a large freshman class of undeclared students along with my colleagues—the deans of the other colleges on campus. Our charge was to outline our personal career paths, and to convey a bit of what we were thinking as 18-year-old new arrivals on … Continue reading Always an engineer

College’s cabinet in place

The College of Engineering’s announcement in October that Dr. Gary Mirka has been promoted to the position of associate dean for undergraduate and graduate education capped a period of administrative changes that began last spring. Mirka, currently the John Ryder Professor and Department Chair of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering, moves into the associate dean’s … Continue reading College’s cabinet in place

Research updates

In the past few months, College of Engineering researchers on three projects—one on novel nanovaccines, one on new wind turbine structures, and another on energy and transportation infrastructure planning—have reached key milestones in their research. Here are some highlights: Making one-dose, needle-free nanovaccines for infectious diseases Can you imagine a world where diseases such as … Continue reading Research updates

Enrollment on a roll

With Iowa State University undergraduate and graduate student enrollment soaring at a record of 28,682 students this year, it’s little surprise that enrollment in the College of Engineering has surpassed last year’s numbers, which were at a 25-year high. Still, there are underlying reasons why undergraduate enrollment increased this fall by 418 students and graduate … Continue reading Enrollment on a roll