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Defining the next step for grain elevator energy consumption

“All over the world, agriculture contributes to greenhouse gas emissions through necessary harvest processing. In finding ways to reduce the footprint, I am analyzing grain elevators and the energy consumed through operation,” said Sabbir.

Graduate program creates community and implementable pollution solutions

“Tile drainage, nitrate and phosphorus levels, all the soil stuff we manage here, it’s exciting!” said Gabrielle Myers-Bailey, a graduate student in agricultural and biosystems engineering “All our work as ag engineers leads to better water quality and lower soil impacts.”

Hoa Chi’s first question is “How can I help you?”

The prospective student whose appreciative family got a personal tour of Sukup Hall. The student team whose derailed senior project received some attentive advice to get back on track. The university carillonneur whose replica model project needed a little professional expertise to assure its consistent operation. The common thread? Their day was better because Hoa (“Hwah”) Chi offered to help.