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Welcoming Bin Li, new associate professor of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering 

Bin LiEducation: PhD, Metallurgy, University of Connecticut. MS, Metallurgy, University of Connecticut. MS, Metallurgy, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. BS, Metallurgy, Hua Zhong University of Science and Technology 

Research focus: Design and manufacturing of new lightweight alloys for automotive and aerospace applications for improved fuel efficiency; computation-guided advanced manufacturing of new alloys; developing new advanced manufacturing approaches 

Joins Iowa State from: Assistant professor position, Chemical and materials Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno 

Recognitions and awards: Received international recognition due to fundamental research on lightweight alloys. Research on phase transformations and mechanical behavior of low symmetry alloy systems has shifted the paradigm of materials physics. Has published extensively in leading journals such as Science, Nature Communications, Physical Review Letters etc. 

How do you hope your research discoveries impact the world? 

Lightweight alloys with superior properties are critical for improving fuel efficiency and reducing carbon footprint. My research is focused on the fundamental physics of lightweight alloys and applying the fundamental principles to materials manufacturing. Design and manufacturing of new generation lightweight alloys are still facing technical barriers. My research helps overcome these obstacles such that new manufacturing approaches that are cost-effective and suitable for large scale manufacturing can be designed. 

What kind of classroom and teaching experience do you look forward to creating at Iowa State? 

At Iowa State, I am looking forward to developing and teaching courses that are closely related to advanced manufacturing of lightweight alloys. I will also teach courses of materials processing, such as welding/joining and casting of alloys. 

What drew you to join Iowa State? 

Prior to joining Iowa State, I collaborated with several materials science and engineering faculty and industrial and manufacturing systems faculty, so I’m excited to continue that work. I’m also looking forward to developing collaborations with Ames National Laboratory in materials design and manufacturing.