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Building the civil engineering experience through learning community

Students working on a group project
Students working on a group project

From tours around campus to mock career fairs and other projects in between, students in the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering’s Keystone Learning Community (C E 120) are gaining personal, career and academic growth in class.

Assistant teaching professor Lauren Schwab works together with student peer mentors to lead the Keystone Learning Community, building a well-rounded experience for students. The most recent experience? A tour to the campanile and carillon.

“By going on tours of iconic buildings and parts of campus, students are learning more about the Iowa State community and engineering lessons at the same time, like estimating how many materials are needed or how large a space is,” Schwab said.

But visiting the campanile and carillon is just one small piece of the learning community experience. For this experience alone, students got to choose from various tours of iconic places on campus, the campanile being one of many.

The Keystone Learning Community hopes to help students develop the personal and leadership skills needed to succeed in their major and future careers. And in the meantime, develop friendships and connections, too.

“We are trying to build community, help them grow as professionals,” Schwab said. “We are taking a big school, and making it feel more connected through team building projects and activities all semester long.”